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  • Delete 5 Apps

    Delete 5 Apps



    Let’s keep this first one easy…delete 5 apps from your stinking phone!! In the comments below, check-in!

  • Mission

    Our digital lives don’t have to be messy, so we are here to help you cleanup, create new habits, throw away junk, and get a bit more organized so that you can stop worrying about all your digital crap and start enjoying life a bit more. Less digital baggage.More human energy!

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    Welcome to Digital Cleanup. Yes, this is a WordPress generated post…and we’ve decided not to delete it, but to edit it into something more motivational. We are not against getting dirty on purpose, but we are definitely all about cleaning up messes that we make (or procrastinate finishing). Here are some dirty to clean moments…